One Woman

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Mon-Thur: 12pm - 6pm
Fri: 12pm - 6pm
Sat: 12pm - 6pm
Sun: 12pm - 6pm
Closed Tuesday, Wednesday.

General Manager:


For Claudia Purita, sustainability and self-reliance have always been a way of life. Growing up on her family's farm in Calabria, Italy, Claudia assisted in growing wine grapes and vegetables and raised small animals from a very young age. Her father Domenico, taught her to value the land, the fruits it provided and the satisfaction found in working hard with purpose in mind.

After moving to Long Island and spending several years in the restaurant industry, Claudia decided it was time to "return to her roots". On the North Fork of Long Island, Claudia continues Domenico's traditions on her 16 acre farm and vineyard.The vineyard has been hand-planted and meticulously tended to by Claudia's exacting touch. She labors to produce the highest quality fruit and the superiority of her work is evident in each of the wines made from her vineyard. A few sips will lead you to appreciate what one woman's labor of love can produce.


Buses/Limos Accepted: No

Large Groups: No

Good for kids: No

Picnic Friendly: Yes

Weddings: Yes

Pet friendly: No

Events: Yes

Weekly Events: Yes

Tours: By Appointment Only

Wine Club: Yes

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