Kontokosta Winery

825 North Road Greenport, NY GET DIRECTIONS




Mon-Thur: Mon: 11AM-5PM, Closed: Tue & Wed, Thur: 11AM-5PM
Fri: 11AM-6PM
Sat: 11AM-6PM
Sun: 11AM-5PM
See Website for Current Hours

General Manager:

Amanda Wheeler EMAIL

The wines of Kontokosta Winery are a fluid reflection of the last leg of a long journey rooted in agrarian excellence, intellectual curiosity and personal growth.

On a 62-acre waterfront farm in Greenport, Kontokosta Winery is a sustainable, wind-powered, operation that is producing wine that is as honest as it is inviting.

Overlooking the vineyard to the south and the bluff of Long Island Sound to the North, Kontokosta Winery provides a true sense of the North Fork


Buses/Limos Accepted: No

Large Groups: No

Good for kids: Yes If Accompanied By Non Drinking Adult

Picnic Friendly: No

Weddings: Yes

Pet friendly: No

Events: Yes

Weekly Events: No

Tours: No

Wine Club: Yes


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