Croteaux Vineyards

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"Rosé is a perfect reflection of the lifestyle and rhythm of the seasons." - Michael Croteau

Croteaux Vineyards makes Rosé. Only Rosé, in fact, making Croteaux Vineyards the only vineyard in the region, as well as the greater United States, dedicated exclusively to producing Rosé wines.

In an eclectic and relaxed setting, Croteaux Vineyards has created a peaceful and transformative environment to taste Rosé and experience the history of the North Fork. Croteaux Vineyards occupies two historic farms in Southold, NY, dating back to the mid-1700s. The Tasting Barn and Garden are housed within the vintage buildings and three rustic barns frame an intimate courtyard.

Croteaux Vineyards winemaking approach is focused on creating extremely drinkable Rosés, styled after those that have been made in Southern France for centuries, but using a breadth of varietals that flourish in the East End. The result is Rosés that are distinctive to the region, reflective of the seaside lifestyle found in the East End.

Rosé from Croteaux Vineyards has come to signal the seasons. The official kickoff to Summer when vintages are released and official closing to Fall when fruit is harvested.


Buses/Limos Accepted: No

Large Groups: No

Good for kids: Yes If Accompanied By Non Drinking Adult

Picnic Friendly: No

Weddings: No

Pet friendly: Yes

Events: No

Weekly Events: No

Tours: No

Wine Club: Yes


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