Russell Hearn

Russell Hearn Winemaker

A veteran winemaker on Long Island with 35 years of experience, Russell Hearn was Australian born and trained. His mother worked in sales and marketing for a Western Australian winery, so Hearn grew up around wine.

Prior to joining the East End wine community in 1990, Hearn held wine-making positions in New Zealand, Burgundy, California, Massachusetts and Virginia. Currently he is the Director of Premium Wine Group, Winemaker for Lieb Cellars and Bridge Lane Wine, Winemaker and Co-owner of T’Jara Vineyards and Winemaker for Suhru Wines.

His stylistic goal is to show off the pure expression of the fruit coming in from the vineyard. He believes that the aroma and flavor of the grape variety should always be the first and strongest impression in the wine, with complexing nuances only in the background.

The East End of Long Island is surrounded by water. This moderates our climate, which creates a long grower season and opportunity for balanced wines with well-developed flavors. The waters provide a bounty of seafood that complement the higher acidity in our wines, both white and red. Excellent examples, other than his own, are Macari Sauvignon Blanc and Martha Clara Reserve Merlot.

When not working and enjoying wine, Russell sails with a passion, is an avid skier, plays tennis and travels as much as he and his wife Susan can.

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