“Getting Published” with Tom Clavin & Phil Keith
September 22, 2012

Writers at all levels seeking information on how to get published in today's unique and interesting publishing world are invited to attend, "Getting Published" with Authors Tom Clavin (Last Man Out) and Phil Keith (Blackhorse Riders).

Tom Clavin, author of 14 books, and Phil Keith, author of 5, will discuss the current state of the publishing industry; the "Three Paths to Publishing (Traditional, Self-Publishing and Digital)"; the Book Marketing Process; Successful Book Proposals, How to Find the Right Agent; and "The Writing Life."

Cost for the workshop is $50 per person and each attendee will receive an autographed copy of one of Mr. Clavin's or Mr. Keith's books (there will be a selection from which to choose).

Space is limited and payment (Visa/MasterCard/PayPal accepted) required at time of registration.  Register online at: http://philkeiththeauthor.com or call 631-987-3138.


Sunday, July 15th – 2-5pm

Thursday, August  23rd – 2-4pm

Saturday, September 22nd -   2-5pm