Sparkling Pointe
From romance to country lifestyle, Cynthia and Tom Rosicki have always been Champagne lovers. Tom recalls having found true love with Cynthia over a romantic dinner and a seductive bottle of Champagne. Fate brought Cynthia and Tom to meet Steve Mudd, a renowned and award winning viticulturist on the East End of Long Island, who immediately sparkled the bright idea of dedicating the first ever planting of a new vineyard to the sole production of sparkling wine. Having spotted the perfect site for their venture, Cynthia and Tom contacted the owner of the property and placed a down payment the same day on what would become the future vineyard site. Teaming with Gilles Martin, a talented winemaker with international experience, they designed the grape composition of their vineyard, which contains the exclusive blends of Sparkling Pointe’s cuvées. Only the finest varieties were chosen, those which made the celebrity of the Champagne region: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay, all rooted in this breezy terroir of the North Fork of Long Island.

39750 Route 48
Southold, NY 11935

Phone: 631-765-0200
Tastings: Tasting Room Hours: Daily 11 - 6
Events: Yes
Weddings: Yes
Wine Club: Yes

Closed: Christmas Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday & Thanksgiving.

General Manager: Mike Falcetta

Direct to Consumer Sales: Melissa Schwartz

Wholesale Sales: Leo Manno

Wine Club: Cassandra Santoro

Private Events:

Buses, Limos and Groups by Appointment