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Anthony Nappa Wines

Anthony Nappa Wines was established in 2007 by Winemaker Anthony Nappa and Chef Sarah Evans Nappa with the production of 200 cases of Long Island Pinot Noir. We craft premium wines representing New York’s unique climates and soils. Based on the ... <more>
Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard

During the 1980s, Sam Rubin ventured to eastern Long Island and acquired what has since become the beautiful Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard (“BHFV”). A lifelong farmer and naturalist, he began to till the soil, the basis for all great wines, using ... <more>
Bedell Cellars

Bedell Cellars is a 30-year-old sustainably farmed and family owned estate vineyard and winery on the North Fork of Long Island. Cementing Bedell's reputation as the benchmark producer from the Long Island winegrowing region, The New York Times pr... <more>

Bouquet® and Bouké® The Beauty of Blends™ Our wines are a pleasure for all the senses – the eye, the nose, and of course, the taste buds. We blend wines to produce an appealing diversity of perfumes and flavors and intriguing wines. Som... <more>
Brooklyn Oenology

Brooklyn Oenology Winery (pron. ‘EN-ology’, or simply ‘BOE’), is a locally focused winery based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn founded in 2006 by winemaker Alie Shaper. BOE works to bridge the creative culinary, agricultural and art worlds by cra... <more>
Channing Daughters Winery

Channing Daughters Winery prides itself on artisanal experimentation. The foremost commitment at Channing Daughters is the care of the grapevines and the quality of wine in the bottle. From intense and careful culture of their vines to the hand-picki... <more>
Clovis Point

A top-flight vineyard and boutique winery on the North Fork, Clovis Point opened its tasting room, once a 1920s potato barn, in 2007. Since then, both its wines and tasting room have obtained critical acclaim. Clovis Point produces estate and "Vintne... <more>
Coffee Pot Cellars

Named after the distinctively-shaped lighthouse that guides ships passing Orient Point to their destinations, Coffee Pot Cellars is the brightest new light in North Fork wine. Its first vintage in 2008 was the realization of veteran North Fork winema... <more>
Corey Creek Vineyards

Corey Creek's tasting room and gift shop is an airy, barn-like building with glass doors opening onto a wide, south-facing outdoor deck. The high elevation of the tasting room gives visitors spectacular views both inside and out overlooking the viney... <more>
Croteaux Vineyards

Croteaux Vineyards- Rosé on Purpose! The only vineyard in the United States dedicated exclusively to making dry, fresh, fruity, fun to drink Rosé wines styled after those made for centuries in the South of France. Located in Southold, on an histori... <more>
Diliberto Winery

With 4 acres of planted vines on Manor Lane in Jamesport, Diliberto Winery is certainly one of the smallest wineries on the East End of Long Island. Nevertheless, their initial entry into the world of wine competition met with startling success: the ... <more>
Duck Walk Vineyards

Duck Walk Vineyards was founded in 1994 by Dr. Herodotus “Dan” Damianos and his son, Alexander. The Normandy château-style building in Water Mill, a true Hamptons landmark, became home to what has quickly evolved into one of the most well-known ... <more>
Duck Walk Vineyards North

Duck Walk Vineyards was founded in 1994 by Dr. Herodotus “Dan” Damianos and his son, Alexander. The Normandy château-style building in Water Mill, a true Hamptons landmark, became home to what has quickly evolved into one of the most well-known ... <more>
Harbes Family Farm & Vineyard

For over 12 generations the Harbes Family has been tilling the fertile soils of Long Island. Their ability to find new ways to use agricultural resources has helped them thrive in a rapidly changing world. Although better known for super-sweet corn a... <more>
Harmony Vineyards

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, The East Farm Estate is home to Harmony Vineyards. Located on the Stony Brook Harbor, only one hour ten minutes drive from Manhattan, this lush rolling waterfront North Shore estate preserves the or... <more>
Jamesport Vineyards

Jamesport Vineyards is a three-generation family-owned and sustainably run winery and vineyard. Ron and Ann Marie Goerler came to the North Fork over 30 years ago and planted their first Chardonnay vines in 1981. Ron Sr. was a leading pioneer for the... <more>
Jason's Vineyard

Jason’s Vineyard sits on Jamesport on the north fork of Long Island, encompassing a 20-acre space. After studying business at the University of Hartford and obtaining two degrees, Jason received a third degree in enology at the University of Califo... <more>
Kontokosta Winery

The wines of Kontokosta Winery are a fluid reflection of the last leg on a long journey rooted in agrarian pursuit, intellectual curiosity and personal growth. Start with a 62-acre waterfront farm. Plant a remarkable vineyard. Build a sustainable, wi... <more>
Lieb Cellars Mattituck - The Bridge Lane...

Lieb Cellars Mattituck Lieb Cellars Mattituck, now named “The Bridge Lane Tasting Room,” is attached to Premium Wine Group and is the new official home of our Bridge Lane series of wines. In addition to the full line-up of Bri... <more>
Lieb Cellars Oregon Road

Lieb Cellars Oregon Road Hidden on one of the most rural roads on the North Fork, our Oregon Road Tasting Room sits amongst some of our 84 acres of vines and consists of an indoor rustic-chic tasting bar, private library room and f... <more>
Loughlin Vineyards

Loughlin Vineyards is the closest Long Island vineyard to New York City. The vineyard is 6 acres and produces a generous harvest of merlot, cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay grapes. The yearly harvest yields about 1000 cases of dry and sweet wines. L... <more>
Macari Vineyards & Winery

Macari Vineyards, located on the North Fork of Eastern Long Island in Mattituck, is owned and operated by the Macari Family. Though Macari Vineyards was established in 1995, the Macari Family has owned the 500 acre waterfront estate for nearly 50 yea... <more>
Martha Clara Vineyards

The story of Martha Clara Vineyards begins with Robert Entenmann, grandson of William, who founded the world renowned Entenmann’s Bakery in Brooklyn back in 1898. After running the prosperous family business for many years, Robert moved on to anoth... <more>
Mattebella Vineyards

Mattebella Vineyards is a small family farm, located in the State of New York’s oldest town, Southold (established in 1640), on the eastern end of Long Island. Our single vineyard is a gently sloping 22 acre parcel of land located on the Main Road ... <more>
McCall Wines

With Long Island's largest vineyard of Pinot Noir, and an equally sized vineyard of Merlot, McCall focuses on crafting low yield, quality driven wines.  The vineyards (planted in 1996) and surrounding farm can be found in the town of Cutchogue, wher... <more>
Onabay Vineyard

ONABAY VINEYARDS is a new name on the North Fork of Long Island, but it has a long history. The 18 year-old vineyard is part of a larger, historic farm owned by the Anderson family. Today, the property encompasses over 180 acres of fertile fields, me... <more>
One Woman Vineyards

For Claudia Purita, sustainability and self-reliance have always been a way of life. Growing up on her family's farm in Calabria, Italy, Claudia assisted in growing wine grapes and vegetables and raised small animals from a very young age. Her father... <more>
Osprey's Dominion Vineyards

Osprey’s Dominion’s first vines were planted in 1983 on 24 acres in Peconic. An additional 16 acre parcel in Mattituck was purchased and planted in the early 1990s, but it wasn’t until the 50-acre purchase of land and buildings at the present M... <more>
Palmer Vineyards

Robert Palmer founded Palmer Vineyards in 1986 on a rolling parcel of gravelly farmland in Riverhead on the North Fork of Long Island. Since then, Palmer Vineyards has become a significant part of the Long Island wine industry. This reflects the effo... <more>
Pellegrini Vineyards

In 1982 Bob and Joyce Pellegrini set out to make the very best wine that the North Fork of Long Island could offer. Today, Pellegrini Vineyards produces an award-winning range of wines. Bob Pellegrini’s commitment to design is evident in everything... <more>
Pindar Vineyards

Pindar Vineyards was founded in 1979 by the entrepreneurial Dr. Herodotus “Dan” Damianos. Starting off with just 30 acres of uncultivated land in Peconic on the North Fork of Long Island, Dr. Damianos envisioned grand possibilities for his fledgl... <more>
Pugliese Vineyards

Established in 1980, Pugliese Vineyards is a family owned and operated winery. It is one of the oldest vineyards on Long Island’s North Fork. At harvest, all grapes are hand picked; and all wines are estate bottled. Especially known for their spark... <more>

Raphael was born from the vision of owner John Petrocelli Sr. of Huntington, New York, who named the winery in honor of his father. Raphael Petrocelli was an avid home winemaker, as was his father before him. John Petrocelli learned the pleasures of ... <more>
Roanoke Vineyards

Roanoke Vineyards is dedicated to making exquisitely-crafted, quality wines. Our production is extremely limited, and since Roanoke wines are only available in our Tasting Room, or from our website, we have no imposed production quotas, and no obliga... <more>
Sannino Bella Vita Vineyard

Sannino's Bella Vita Vineyard is located on the North Fork in an historic barn circa 1900′s, this casual and rustic setting is a great place to start your wine appreciation. Through education and our hands on approach, our winery is a perfect stop ... <more>
Scarola Vineyards

Scarola Vineyards is a small Long Island wine producer dedicated to honoring and sustaining a family tradition begun generations ago in Bari, Italy, a port city on the Adriatic Sea where my ancestors toiled as farmers and winemakers.  Our wines are ... <more>
Sherwood House Vineyards

Established in 1996, Sherwood House Vineyards is committed to the production of world-class wines using only estate-grown vinifera grapes. Owners Dr. Charles Smithen and wife Barbara believe that producing fine wine is a combination of passion and pa... <more>
Shinn Estate Vineyards

Shinn Estate Vineyards has a working philosophy of low-impact, sustainable farming. Since its first planting in 2000, husband-wife team and former restaurateurs David Page and Barbara Shinn have integrated both organic and biodynamic practices in the... <more>
Sparkling Pointe

Nestled in the breezy and beautiful North Fork of Long Island, Cynthia and Tom Rosicki have dedicated Sparkling Pointe Vineyards and Winery to estate grown sparkling wines produced exclusively in the traditional Méthode Champenoise. Farming 40 acres... <more>
Suhru Wines

Suhru Wines, established in 2008, is a family owned and operated brand. SUsan Hearn, with her husband RUssell as winemaker, started Suhru aiming to produce easy to drink, fruit forward, exciting wines which compliment local foods. Winemaker Rus... <more>
T'Jara Vineyards

T’Jara Vineyards was born out of a vision to create world-class wines by showing the best of what Long Island has to offer. And it all starts with great fruit. T’Jara Vineyards is located on prime farming land on the North Fork in Mattituck... <more>
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The Grapes of Roth

Experience and quality are key words in the wine world, and The Grapes of Roth wines are well versed in both. Winemaker Roman Roth's signature label focuses on two varietals, Merlot and Riesling, and has raised the bar in both categories. The 92... <more>
The Old Field Vineyards

The Old Field Vineyards is Long Island’s easternmost vineyard and winery on the North Fork, situated on Southold Bay of the Peconic Bays one mile east of Southold’s village center. Established in 1974, The Old Field Vineyards is Long Island’s o... <more>
Waters Crest Winery

Waters Crest Winery, family-owned by Jim and Linda Waters, has been called Long Island’s premier garagiste, a term used in Bordeaux to describe a winemaker who produces small quantities of premium wines in an artisanal fashion. Beginning as an amat... <more>
Whisper Vineyards

Owned and operated by Laura & Steve Gallagher and Barbara Perrotta of Borella's Farms. They believe that by continuing the agricultural use of their land, they can help to retain the farming history of Long Island and preserve their family's farm... <more>
Wölffer Estate

Perched on a rise overlooking the lush vineyards to the east and the gently rolling Hamptons landscape to the west, Wölffer Estate Winery is unquestionably one of the most beautiful and stylish on Long Island. Rivaling European wineries, the rustic... <more>
Long Island Wine Country Associate Members
Long Island Merlot Alliance

The Long Island Merlot Alliance was formed in 2005 by Long Island wineries dedicated to advancing the quality in the production of merlot wines and merlot-based blends. We believe merlot is the signature grape of the region. It is the most widely planted grape of our region. <more>
Brooklyn Wine Company

Brooklyn Wine Co. was established by Red White & Bubbly to celebrate the spirit of Brooklyn through wine. We work closely with specially selected winemakers from around the world to create unique wines that we are happy to offer to our friends in Brooklyn. <more>