Long Island Wine Country Events / Catering
Atlantis Banquets & Events

When it comes to catering halls on Long Island, there are an endless amount of options, but the challenge is not only in finding a location, but also in choosing the one that best suits your event. Whether you’re looking for an intimate place for a... <more>
SCCC Culinary Arts & Hospitality Center

We offer catering that's outta sight! Full service, on-site and off-site catering is available from the Center. Our chefs can tailor a menu to fit your organization's dietary and budgetary concerns. Visit our web site: sunysuffolk.edu/culinaryarts or... <more>
The Inn & Spa at East Wind

At East Wind we extend a warm welcome to you, and your guests. The romance of the Estate, elegance of the Veranda, the coziness of the Cottage and grandeur of the Grand Ballroom with an incredible staircase all provide beautiful settings with skyligh... <more>